Geneva Motor Show

After a few fairly non-descript years, the Geneva Motor Show delivered excitement in abundance this year – raised eyebrows prevailed. This key date in the motoring calendar finally gave us something to talk about and thanks to McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari, the “Supercar” has returned..!!

Let’s start with what might be the most extraordinary of the lot, the stunning Lamborghini Veneno. Made to commemorate Lambo’s 50th birthday, it is very similar in many aspects to the Aventador. Except one, the price. A shiny new Veneno will set you back €3 million, plus tax and three of them are already sold and on their way to the US.


Following the typical Lamborghini tradition, the car is named after fighting Bull with an interesting history. Indeed, Veneno’s fame was mainly associated with the deathly gorging of a matador in 1941 – it became known as the ‘Murder-bull.’ Perhaps such an extreme choice of bull provides an insight into the aggressive styling and performance Lamborghini have chosen for the car – 739bhp and a top speed of over 200mph.

In complete contrast to the provocative naming strategy employed by Lamborghini, the new Enzo replacement from Ferrari is disappointingly called ‘La Ferrari.’ Rubbish name, but I do love the looks, I see references back to the 288GTO, 458 and Enzo in their latest creation and I can’t wait to see one in tripl black..!
The car also has some very impressive performance statistics from combined petrol and electric motors – although I am still struggling to see beyond that name..!

McLaren’s P1 was also officially launched at the Geneva show and takes it’s place at the top end of their range. With far more aggressive styling and performance than the MP4-12c, the car is seen as a direct descendent of the original McLaren F1 which is certainly no bad thing.


Chief Operating Officer Mike Flewitt explained McLaren’s philosophy for the P1 in terms of keeping these cars unique and exclusive by limiting the production numbers to 375, a clever strategy if the current price point of the existing F1’s is anything to go by.

…and if I had to choose one, the McLaren P1 would be my first choice – I think it represents the best long term investment, McLaren certainly know a thing or two about performance and handling plus I just love the aggressive rear end styling.

Truth be told, the real star of the show for me was the Rolls Royce Wraith – an amazing entry in the GT world for this iconic luxury brand. Choosing a GT tourer over a supercar – I must be getting old..!